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Le follicule pilo-sébacé

The pilosebaceous follicle

The pilosebaceous follicle (or hair follicle) is a small cavity in the epidermis in which the hair (bristle) originates. Here is a brief overview of its structure, some of its... More info

Combien de cheveux poussent par jour

How many hairs grow each day

To fully understand what is happening with hair growth, let's first look at their life cycle (hair cycle) and then at some statistics concerning them. The hair cycle The... More info

Effluvium télogène : chute abondante de cheveux

Telogen effluvium: abundant hair loss

Telogen effluvium corresponds to an abnormal fall of hair which are in the telogen phase, usually sudden and abundant. But how does this hair loss occur, what are the causes, how... More info

Perte de cheveux : cinq comportements à éviter

Hair loss: five behaviors to avoid

In many cases, hair loss can be limited or even prevented by avoiding certain risky behaviors. Here are five of them. Poor nutrition A diet with too much fat, sugar, caffeine or... More info

Cheveux : cinq problèmes fréquents

Hair : five common problems

Having a beautiful healthy hair, free from any problem, that's what everyone wishes! Unfortunately, we often encounter, at least once in our life, one of the following problems... More info

Chute de cheveux et maladies

Hair loss and diseases

An abnormal loss of hair may be related to rather obvious factors, such as chemotherapy, childbirth, change of season, etc. But it could also be one of the symptoms of a disease.... More info

Les infections du cuir chevelu

The scalp infections

We all want soft, thick and shiny hair. However, this ideal is not always easy to reach. There are many scalp infections that come harm the beauty of your hair making it dull and... More info

L’alcool et la chute des cheveux

Alcohol and hair loss

Can drinking alcohol cause hair loss? Yes ! Beautiful hair is synonymous of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. One glass of wine, won't make your hair dry and brittle, but... More info

Les médicaments et la perte des cheveux

Drugs and hair loss

We live in an over medicated environment. Whether to prevent diseases, infections or cure, drugs are part of the daily life of a very large percentage of the population. Although... More info

Coloration et perte de cheveux

Hair loss and coloring

May hair loss be due to coloring? NO Despite what we hear, it is wrong to think that hair coloration is a cause of hair loss. Just as pollution, wind, sun or heat, coloration... More info

La chute des cheveux et les vitamines

Hair loss and vitamins

Diet influences many facets of our lives, and poor eating habits or vitamin deficiencies can be triggers factors making hair dull and fragile or even worse, cause an abnormal hair... More info

Les poux

The lice

Lice are tiny parasitic insects that can install themselves on our body. Although they do not represent a serious medical problem, they are annoying and can spread very easily... More info

Les cheveux gras

Oily hair

Oily hair are often considered as being quite particularly unsightly. This heavy, shiny and sticky aspect is not appreciated and is often wrongly associated with dirty hair.... More info

La teigne

Ringworm of the scalp (Tinea capitis)

The main cause of localized alopecia in boys is ringworm of the scalp. This infection can affect all hair and is the result of a mycosis causing dermatophysis. They are... More info

Le stress et la perte de cheveux

Stress and hair loss

Often, we associate stress and disease. In reality, it is a normal adaptive response of the body to an external attack. During this process our system releases adrenaline and... More info

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