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Alcohol and hair loss

L’alcool et la chute des cheveux
Can drinking alcohol cause hair loss? Yes !

Beautiful hair is synonymous of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. One glass of wine, won't make your hair dry and brittle, but a regular and excessive consumption will have a negative impact on the health of your scalp.

Alcohol and hair loss

It is well known that excessive consumption of alcohol causes nutritional deficiencies that will have more or less short-term impact on the health of your hair, here are some reasons:
  • Alcohol has a negative effect on the rate of Vitamins B present in our body. A Vitamin B deficiency often leads to significant hair loss.
  • Alcohol is caloric, however, it is empty calories with no interest for our system and providing no energy to our body.
  • An important alcohol consumption will make our liver works hardly, and it will take all its energy to treat alcohol and fails to absorb the essential nutrients for the proper functioning of our body.
  • Alcohol acts as an appetite suppressant and causes thereby deficiencies by creating nutritional imbalances.
In short, even when it comes to our hair, it is true to say that moderation tastes better !!

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