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Hair : five common problems

Cheveux : cinq problèmes fréquents
Having a beautiful healthy hair, free from any problem, that's what everyone wishes! Unfortunately, we often encounter, at least once in our life, one of the following problems with our hair:

Greasy hair

Greasy hair is the result of an excessive functioning of the sebaceous glands which can have several causes: hormones, stress, poor diet, inadequate shampoos, etc. What to do therefore? First, wash your hair with lukewarm water, with a pH-adjusted shampoo between 4.5 and 5.9 (not 2-in-1 or baby shampoos) and avoid massaging the scalp too vigorously; next have a balanced diet and avoid constantly passing your hand in your hair !

Dry or brittle hair

A dry and brittle hair has lacks sebum and reflects a loss of elasticity of the keratin. The inadequate use of products to style or color the hair, an overly aggressive brushing, a too fast drying or a too high temperature of the hair dryer and iron will deprive the hair of its moisture and elasticity. It is thus necessary to treat our hair gently and to moisturize it, among others by using shampoos and conditioners with natural active ingredients.

Forked hair

In forked hair, the cuticle’s scales are eroded, the hair loses its moisture and breaks in multiple forks. When there are many split ends, you should ideally cut your hair at least a few inches after the forks. Thereafter it will be necessary to hydrate them well, stop for a time the use of aggressive styling products and handle them with delicacy.


There are two types of dandruff: dry and fatty. The dry dandruff that have not been adequately treated can transform themselves into fatty dandruff. Dry dandruff can be prevented, among other things, by moisturizing our hair and by avoiding products with a high concentration of alcohol. For fatty dandruff, it is better to get a good scalp analysis and thereafter using the appropriate care (multivitamin shampoos, balancing concentrates, etc.).

Abnormal hair loss

There are many causes for abnormal hair loss, including: genetics, stress, fatigue, diseases or infections, poor diet, certain medications (such as in chemotherapy), excess of alcohol, heredity, and hormonal changes. A consultation with a hair expert is often the best approach in these cases.

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