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Hair loss and coloring

Coloration et perte de cheveux
May hair loss be due to coloring? NO

Despite what we hear, it is wrong to think that hair coloration is a cause of hair loss.
Just as pollution, wind, sun or heat, coloration may act as an agent attacking your hair. In addition, improper use of dyes or too frequent staining products may cause damage to keratin, and that, will effectively make the hair dry and brittle. The hair will tend to break at any length. However, this is a temporary hair loss, as it does not touch the scalp. Once the hair aggression ceases, the hair will become once again strength and shiny.

Using quality coloring products and respecting the modes of use will help your hair to stay healthy. If this is not the case, and the problem persists, it will be necessary to look further to find the real cause of your hair loss. This may be due to vitamins deficiency, stress, medication or infection of the scalp.
If your hair loss worries you, do not hesitate to contact our experts to help you determine the cause and find the treatment that suits you best.

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