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Hair loss: five behaviors to avoid

Perte de cheveux : cinq comportements à éviter
In many cases, hair loss can be limited or even prevented by avoiding certain risky behaviors. Here are five of them.

Poor nutrition

A diet with too much fat, sugar, caffeine or alcohol, or which is lacking essential nutrients will certainly impact our hair follicles, eventually leading to more risk of abnormal hair loss. A nutritional deficiency, for example a lack of iron, is a direct factor of hair loss.

Stress and fatigue

Who is not stressed or tired? In our society, performance is the watchword, and our essential needs often come second. We sleep badly or too little, we manage poorly stress, we even add some by seeking strong sensations. And the hair inevitably feels the effects: the stress hormones contract the blood vessels at the hair root, weakening them until they fall.

Medications, tobacco and drugs

Some medications have hair loss as a possible side effect. Except the essential treatments for diagnosed pathologies, we can try to avoid taking over-the-counter medications for every little problem and first try to revise our lifestyle. Regarding tobacco and drugs, it goes without saying that their effects on the abnormal loss of hair is major. Research shows that smokers are more likely to have alopecia than nonsmokers.

Inappropriate hair care

If you wash your hair with very hot water, use the hair dryer or the styling iron at very high temperatures, brush your hair with force or with a damaged brush, this is as much abuse as you inflict on them! And what about too frequent perms, colorations and discolorations, without application of moisturizing, nourishing or repairing care on your hair.

Environment aggressors

Walk bareheaded, either in the full sun, or by high winds or cold, this is another behavior that can lead to weakening hair. The same goes for prolonged swimming without protection in chlorinated water or in the sea, without taking time to rinse well his hair and moisturize them afterwards.

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