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Oily hair

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Oily hair are often considered as being quite particularly unsightly. This heavy, shiny and sticky aspect is not appreciated and is often wrongly associated with dirty hair. However, this quite common problem is not insurmountable; simply use the good products, in a right way in order to face it.

Why oily hair?

In the upper part of each hair follicle there is a sebaceous gland which aims to lubricate each hair thanks to the sebum. When secreted in normal quantity, the sebum provides protection against external aggressions (pollutants, hot, cold, etc.). However, when there is a hormonal disorder, excess sebum can have adverse effects on the appearance of the skin (acne) and hair, which could go as far as causing their fall.

Oily hair’s causes

Periods of major hormonal changes such as adolescence and pregnancy are fairly common causes of oily hair. However, other factors exist; here are a few:
  • Heredity
  • A hormonal problem
  • Alimentation
  • Obesity
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Emotional shock
  • Some medications
  • Too frequent washings
  • Unbalanced PH of shampoos
  • Too energetic frictions of the scalp


Seborrhea is in fact an excessive secretion of fat called sebum by the sebaceous glands.

It is not in itself a trigger for hair loss, but it can undeniably becoming an aggravating cause. In all cases, when a problem of oily hair continues, it is essential to find its real source in order to avoid complications and a more important hair loss.

Some tips to resolve oily hair problems?

It is essential to have a good hygiene of the hair. To do this, it is necessary to use a shampoo with a well-balanced PH corresponding to the PH of the scalp (5.5), which will prevent irritation of the scalp, and to let it for a few minutes during hair washing. The use of water at temperature going from lukewarm to cold during the rinsing and a gentle massage of the scalp will avoid an over excitation of the sebaceous glands, which would cause an even more important secretion of sebum.

The hair dryer with high temperature is another factor contributing to oily hair. Dry the hair outside when possible or use the hair dryer with a lower temperature can help to keep healthy-looking hair longer.
Unfortunately, our hands are an agent who contributes to distribute the fat along the hair instead of leaving it at the root of hair. Avoid the passage of the hand in hair is a gesture that might help you skip a wash from time to time.

The diet can also play a major role when it’s question of oily hair. Avoiding sweets, pasta and pastries will help you to have a better overall health as well as keep healthy skin and hair.

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