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Stress and hair loss

Le stress et la perte de cheveux
Often, we associate stress and disease. In reality, it is a normal adaptive response of the body to an external attack. During this process our system releases adrenaline and hormones such as: dopamine, endorphin, cortisol and serotonin. Once the situation is controlled, our body should enter a period of relaxation.

However, stress can make you sick when stressful situations last longer or occur at close intervals. We then enter a stage of exhaustion, which can lead to extreme fatigue episodes, depression or burnout. In such cases, stress could be the cause or a factor contributing to hair loss.

A period of sustained stress creates a hormonal imbalance that causes a stimulation of the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase, which acts on hair loss. This type of hair loss mainly affects individuals who are previously subject to hair disorders.

Several forms of stress can influence the general capillary state.

Daily life stress

Some situations may cause daily stress and mental and physical health problems. For example: family, health or financial problems, overwork and all other forms of complications of everyday life can lead to stress or exhaustion. It will then promote androgen production that will have a bad effect on the hair life cycle.

Lack of time and energy related to depression or exhaustion increase the risk of hair loss due to a bad hair hygiene.

Severe and sudden stress

The death of a loved one, a divorce, the arrival of a new baby can all be situations that lead to a severe stress. These situations often cause hair loss on short period. On healthy hair and scalp, this form of hair loss is often temporary.

However, for people with a predisposition or already suffering from alopecia prior to these situations, the problem can only get worse because the hair is already thin and fragile. It is advised to act quickly to correct the situation by opting for proper treatment that will correct the problem.

Stress and other aggravating factors

In addition to hair loss problems stress may cause dandruff and itchy scalp. These aggravating factors may also contribute to damage the scalp of men and women.

When the hair loss related to stress is properly installed and visible, this new appearance may be an important source of stress. If no treatment or changes in habits are made to correct or improve the situation, the stress will increase and the hair loss will become more and more important.

Before to get to this point, do not hesitate to call a professional who will guide you in the right steps to prevent your hair loss problems, and help your hair to regain a healthy look.

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