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The scalp infections

Les infections du cuir chevelu
We all want soft, thick and shiny hair. However, this ideal is not always easy to reach. There are many scalp infections that come harm the beauty of your hair making it dull and thin.


Dandruff is flakes of skin. There are 2 types of dandruff, dry and oily.

Dry dandruff are white, flat and detach spontaneously, they are directly related to a dry and without sebum scalp.

Oily dandruff are small, round and yellowish, they stick to the scalp and hair. They are directly linked to an oily and seborrheic scalp. They are often accompanied by unpleasant itching.

Whether it is dry or oily dandruff, the cause may be the same: a dysfunction of the hormonal system, inflammation of the scalp, severe stress, use of dryer, unsuitable or bad qualities shampoos and use of too hot water when washing and rinsing hair are also factors that can contribute to dandruff. Appropriate care will quickly help you deal with this inconvenience.


Ringworm is a hair infection. This infection is caused by a fungus that attacks the scalp. It mainly affects children under 12 years. Ringworm is not a serious illness, but it is particularly irritating and unsightly.


Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease. Most often, it is characterized by red, scaly lesions on the scalp. This infection results in itching, flaking and in some cases, bleeding. In the most severe cases, it may reach the skin of the face and the joints.

Folliculitis scalp

Scalp folliculitis is an infection caused by Staphylococcus aureus that primarily affects the back and top of the head. It causes red patches consisting of small pustules that evolve to form a crust. This infection causes the loss of hair in the affected area. Although hair loss is not necessarily permanent, repeated attacks can cause the destruction of certain follicles. Scalp folliculitis can be treated using antibiotics, unfortunately relapses are quite common.

Many scalp infection exist, although we have seen the most common, but there are many others. If you are afraid of suffering of a scalp infection or dislike the appearance of your hair, do not hesitate to contact our experts to get a full diagnosis of the health of your hair and find a solution to your problem.

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