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Baldness prevention products

Hair loss prevention for men

The hair loss in men is most often androgenic. It affects a large number of men - 20% of young men at the age of 20 years and not less than half of men 50 years. It results from a hyperactivity of an enszyme, the 5 alpha reductase, who contributes to the shortening of life of the pilaris cycles and to the weakening of the hair at the growing phase.

Hair loss prevention for women

The hair loss in women is usually diffuse - even if 10% to 15% of the women alopecia comes from an androgen cause. It affects a large number of people; approximately 30% of women should face a problem of capillary disability during their lifetime.

It is better to try to stem the fall when it has only just begun. It's the reason why, at the first signs of lost of hair, it's essential to consult a specialist to determine the exact causes of the fall and proceded to a normalization of the phenomenon.

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