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Hair loss prevention tablets

Alpharegul Tablets box

Alpharegul tablets

First hair loss prevention tablets  100% natural. NPN 80013396 First hair loss prevention tablets performance: 88% effectiveness (laboratory test results)** Clinical study summary (Spincontrol laboratory)* 1. Hair loss is greatly diminished (significant reduction in telogen phase). 2. Increase in hair growth (anagen phase), on the... More info

Aliment de vie, hair loss tablets

Aliment de Vie du Cheveu

The Aliment de Vie du Cheveu, is ideal for anaemic hair, in cases of high seborrhoea, and also to strengthen the resistance of the hair. Due to his unique combination, the Aliment de Vie du Cheveu is a nutritional solution contributing to limit the excessive hair loss and to regain hair quality, bright, beautiful and flexible. It also prevent... More info

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