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The Nourishing & Stabilizing Concentrate with Natural Actives

The Nourishing & Stabilizing Concentrate for hair

Diffuse and carential fall of hair

  • At a favorable effect on hair growth,
  • His botanical extracts that have anti-inflammatory property allow purifying the scalp,
  • Stimulates the micro blood circulation of your scalp and, therefore, improve the nutrition of your hair.

Recommended in cases of loss of hair due to

  • Stress, poor diet,
  • Brittle hair, thin and soft
  • For women in menopause or post natal
  • Following the treatment of chemotherapy.

Rich in actives having an effect on hair growth

  • B group vitamins, plant extracts active on the microcirculation of the blood,
  • Has a purifying effects and anti-inflammatory,

5-Alpharegulator hair loss prevention Shampoo with Natural Actives

5-Alpharegulator hair loss prevention Shampoo with Narural Actives

The 5-Alpharegulator hair loss prevention Shampoo with Natural Actives, Serenoa repens, Urtica dioica, Cucurbita pepo, will allow, on frequent application, to wash, gently, fragile hairs.

The natural washing base from extracts of olive oil will leave hair soft, silky and voluminous.

In association with our concentrated hair loss prevention, this natural shampoo will help to optimize the quality of your hair by its regulatory action of the 5-alphareductase by Natural actives.



Hair loss in men and women Hormones have a great influence on the growth and life of hair. Androgenic hormones are those that promote the appearance of masculine characteristics, such as hairiness. Testosterone is the best known of these; it is produced in much greater quantity in man, twenty times more than in woman. But androgenic hair loss... More info

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