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You are worried about your hair and you would like to act, but you want to be sure that the solution that you will choose is really suited to your problem. You want to consult a real expert to know the causes and find a solution.

With Norgil, you are guaranteed to have at your disposal material for examinations, the care most innovative, and the solutions the most advanced market.

But what characterizes our capillary experts, it's, primarily, their ability to listen. When you come see us, planned, at least, one hour of freedom to talk about your hair. We will listen, we will make an examination, and we will discuss specific whole solution for you. It is the waranty of your complete satisfaction.

Find a solution, together.

Capillary Assessment microscopic cameraAfter a comprehensive review, the specialist Norgil will be able to properly do diagnose and especially to explain the cause of your hairloss and all options available to you about it.

It will then also very important to talk about your lifestyle, talk about the time you have to devote to your hair, of the volume you want to get, of the budget you're willing to devote. All these external factors that have nothing to do with the causes of your hair loss, and which are essential in developing a customized solution is often entirely neglected.

Why consult Norgil?

Do not act randomly

If your have enough of wasting your time and money to constantly test new treatments inappropriate, it is seriously time to consult a specialiste and to finally learn the true causes of your hair problem.

A truly reliable diagnostic

The high-tech materials available to your specialist Norgil and accuracy of examinations performed (allow about one hour for initial review), enables a reliable diagnostic and comprehensive.

Impartiality and ability to listen of our experts

Leading European group in the field of fight against hair loss, Norgil offers the most   recent and solutions meaningful on the market. We have no interest to offer one method over another because we know them all! For you it's certainty to adopt the technique that best suits, to your lifestyle and to your budget.

Complete diagnosis of your hair loss problem

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