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There are several forms of hair loss for men. Among all the hair loss considered as abnormal, the androgenetic alopecia type remains the main cause of baldness in adult men.

Hair loss in men

Androgenetic alopecia

Affecting over 50% of men at one time or another in their lives, this type of alopecia due to hormones and heredity is the most common form of hair fall in both men and women. From a technical point of view, the formation of this alopecia is related to dihydrotestosterone or DHT. It is composed of 5-alphareductase enzyme and testosterone.

Stages of androgenetic alopecia

The seven specific stages of this hair loss are illustrated in the Hamilton evolution cycle. Often considered benign, stages 1 to 3 are seen in many case of alopecia in men of 30 years and older. The baldness of the temples, characterize these initial stages of hair loss. Then follows an important deterioration in the overhead to finally leave only the "crown" of hair. Stages 6 and 7 illustrate very clearly the stereotype often used to refer to the bald man.

Scarring alopecia or hair loss

This form of Alopecia refers to hair shortages caused by acute inflammation of the man's scalp. The latter is often caused by major injuries, leaving a visible scar.

Congenital alopecia

One of the rarest scarring alopecia is the one with an absence of hair roots at the base of the hair follicle. Affecting one in a million, congenital alopecia is due to the P2RY5 gene. It would be the first gene known with a role in hair growth in men and women.

The types of androgenetic alopecia or scarring are often observed in many visual forms of hair loss as described below:

Alopecia or diffuse fall

Much less drastic than with other forms of hair loss, diffuse alopecia, as its name suggests is dispersed over the whole surface of the scalp. Therefore it does not cause baldness in men. The causes of this alopecia are diverse and can often be analyzed and controlled. These are causes that can come from various sources such as stressors and possible infection of the scalp such as:

  • Medicines,
  • Stress
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Iron or vitamin deficiencies
  • Chemotherapy or any other treatments or operations
  • etc ...

Localized alopecia or hair loss

Mainly caused by various infections or behavioral disorders in the man, localized alopecia is specific to a region of the scalp which differs from one man to another. Indeed, this form of hair loss can be caused by fungi such as in the case of alopecia areata, lupus, scleroderma or other ailments of the scalp. While looking at the man's comportments, trichotillomania may proved to be one of the causes of alopeciaThis disorder characterized by the compulsive behavior leading man to pull his hair.

Treatment and solution for men

It is important to consult at the onset of hair loss problems as listed above. An analysis can help each man to treat his hair effectively and guide him through the process in order to prevent further hair loss. Several solutions and treatments available for men to fix it:

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