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The woman regularly face significant hair loss problems. In many of the cases, this loss is attributed to a form of alopecia named androgenetic.

What needs to be evaluated in women's hair loss?

It is important and necessary to evaluate meticulously the various symptoms of this loss. The main points to observe in women are:
  • Hair density
  • The amount of hair falling and / or have not regrow
  • The time interval between the falls and the duration of these

Proportion of women suffering from alopecia

Women with alopecia

Nearly 17% of women from 30 to 39 years and nearly 25% of women aged from 40 to 49 will be affected by hair fall problem. While comparing all ages, alopecia will affect nearly 32% of women. Visible to the eye, alopecia of the woman generates only very rarely complete baldness or at an advanced stade as shown by the crown for the man. Indeed a meager 3.5% of women will be affected by a form of almost complete baldness of the scalp.

Places scalp covered by the alopecia in women

The vast majority of women with androgenetic alopecia can observe hair fall at the central line, or the location of the scalp where there is a separation of natural hair. This degradation may extend to the edges of the crown without completely strip the top region of the head.

Primary and aggravating factors of hair loss

  • Heredity or family genes
  • Hormones whose main DHT is a combination of testosterone and 5 alphareductase
  • Diseases, deformities and health problems of hair follicles
  • The intense stress, depression and / or extreme fatigue
  • Serious illness and major surgeries and treatments such as chemotherapy
  • Dandruff, alopecia areata and other fungi scalp
  • Side effects of drugs and other consumables
  • Diets and / or nutritional deficiencies (iron or vitamins)

Treatment and solution alopecia

It is recommended to eliminate the risk of increased hair fall as soon as it starts.
An analysis of your hair is important so it could be possible to advise you about the right treatment. Several solutions and treatments are available for you to fix it:

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