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Like all of your skin, your scalp is breathing. A scalp in poor condition suffocates. He can no longer fulfill its role as feeder ground and the hair and, eventually, perish.

In cases of severe falls, a real comprehensive care protocol is essential because it must address the problem at all levels; internally and externally. The deep care will allow fighting the real causes of your hair loss.

They will help you restore balance and relieve your scalp to maximize results while giving you more comfort and enjoyment.


The “Cheveux de Contact”™

In creating the hair contact, Norgil provoke a revolution in the correction of hair.

The "Cheveux de contact" are primarily aimed at women and at men already almost bald, and that wishing to recover a density of hair rather slight. Indeed, with their base completely invisible and their revolutionary system fixing, they allow a implantation much less dense than conventional hair replacement, showing the scalp through the new hair. They seem to come out one by one of the scalp. As for the front lace, she is so natural that she allows you to do a hairdressing while back.

The "Cheveux de Contact" are, so, to the scalp what the contact lenses are to sight!

The “VoluContact”™

The majority of women who lose their hair suffer from alopecia aerata, that is to say that their hair loses density and volume across all of its area. The hairs are weak, sad and scalp becoming more visible by transparency. However, unlike men, it is very rare for a woman to become completely bald.

Follicular Micrografting

A Real Solution:

Microfollicular hair transplantation is applicable to both men and women. It is used to re-adjust high hairlines after a face lift to hide the scars on the scalp and to redefine lost eyebrows as well as for correcting androgenic hair loss. It is the best choice for a surgical correction of hair loss.

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