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You have concerns about a hair loss problem and would like to fix it. You also need to make sure that the solution is really adapted to your baldness or alopecia problem. You want to see a real expert to determine the cause and find an effective solution.

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Complete diagnosis of your hair loss problem

After a complete analysis of your scalp, using a computerized camera, the Norgil hair specialist will make an accurate diagnosis and will explain to you the causes of your hair loss and all the solutions and options available to help reduce or prevent the loss.

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Dominique Briand hair specialist of Montréal

Dominique Briand, Capillitologue Norgil of Montréal

Baldness and hair loss expert

Owner of the capillary expertise clinic of Montréal, she started her career in France over 30 years ago in the Morphocoiffure and in the Visagisme.

27 years ago she entered in the group Norgil France, leader in Europe in the field of hair care and the fight against baldness.

For 15 years she directed, in France, a center identic as the one in Montreal, always using the latest technical innovations.

Clinic of prevention and correction of alopecia and baldness in Montréal

Upon his arrival in Canada,in 1998,still at the present adress, she opened the first pilot center Norgil in Canada inspire from the method to reduce hair loss and baldness that she applied in Europe under the banner Norgil.

She is also formative for the Norgil Capillary Experts, in Canada.

Passionate, always in search of novelty, she participated at many world congresses in order to bring new solutions to its loyal women and men clientele about their alopecia and baldness.

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