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Soins Laser CheveuxLaser treatment appeared on the market several years ago and immediately enjoyed very great success. Its action is two-fold:

First, it allows for better penetration of hair products used during the treatment sessions.

Secondly, by stimulating blood flow to the scalp, it helps normalize hyperactivity caused by seborrhoea (oily hair), dandruff and itching which often lead to hair loss. Your hair becomes stronger, thicker and much more attractive. It is a real beauty treatment as well as an effective hair treatment.

The laser technology used by Norgil is sophisticated, the fruit of long years of hair research. This micro-ray laser is extremely effective due to its scanning method and the length of its wave. However, it does not penetrate more than the superficial outer layer of the scalp, where the blood vessels of the head are located. There is no danger of internal injury, even with prolonged exposure to the laser.

The treatment is totally painless and safe.

The schedule for laser sessions at Norgil calls for 1 to 2 treatments a week for several months. This is not in any way a lifetime treatment, and results are very rapidly visible.

To summarize the advantages of laser treatment:

  1. A treatment using advanced technology.
  2. Rapid and lasting results.
  3. A pleasant experience.

For severe hair loss, our hair experts advise you to have laser treatments in conjunction with other treatments.

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