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André of Montréal

Dear Dominique,
We know each other for over three years, and I always enjoy seeing you every two weeks. I like the way you work and your kindness. You see your work as an artist looks at his painting. I want to thank you sincerely for the work and the effort that you display to satisfy us. You know how to make our life more beautiful and how to give us a beauty that we enjoy. I hope to have the chance to see you for many other years.

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Claudio from Pierrefonds

Il y a environ un an que je suis venu à votre clinique. Je suis honoré de pouvoir vous exprimer ma gratitude et mon appréciation pour l’incroyable travail que vous avez fait pour moi. Il est difficile d’exprimer en mots ce que je ressens au fond de mon cœur. Vous m’avez offert quelque chose de spécial, pas seulement des cheveux mais une confiance en moi-même et pour cela je vous serais éternellement reconnaissant. An nom de mon épouse et de mes filles,
Merci mille fois merci. 

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Carmen of Montreal

I am very satisfied with the result after nine months of using the Norgil product. The hair cares are effective, and my hairs have more volume. For me, it was a real fountain of youth! 

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Mona from Longueuil

Dear Madam Briand,
I want to say thank you for taking care of my hair with great attention, with kindness and especially with such professionalism. The result is concret. Thank you to your entire team to work for our welfare, and do not change anything because you are very humans people, and filled with a great happiness to make us more beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Gonzalo of Dorval

My greatest thanks to Ms. Briand, and his entire team for your enthusiasm, hospitality and especially for your help and for the attention paid to our concerns about the loss of hair. I'm very glad to have met you, and I hope to continue visiting you for long.

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Sophie from Saint Hubert

Ms. Briand
Since I know you I can say that my life changed. I refound some confidence in me, whenever I come to your clinic I feel very important. You have a gift for putting us in confidence. Thank you very much for that warm welcome. Thank you very much to the whole team. Thanks to you I would keep my long hair. Thank you again. A grateful person.

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Thérèse from Terrebonne

To the three ladies of Norgil!
You are real angels for the scalp, but also for our soul... Bravo! For your professionalism always constant. Bravo! For your welcome always so generous! Bravo! For your understanding, always faithful. With all my gratitude. Affection.

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Cecile of Montréal

Ms. Briand
You have all of my gratitude for your excelent expertise and your work and for having saved my hair Thank you from my heart.

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Safia of Laval

Nine years ago already, I came by harsard at Norgil not knowing what to expect. I had seen a doctor who could do nothing for me because of the thinness and texture of my hair. Then, Dominique welcomes me with all her kindness and her professionalism. This encounter has changed my life and, since, Dominique and I are sharing complicity and friendship

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